About Noles Cabinets


Noles Cabinets has been serving the Triangle and surrounding area since 1974. Started by Robert Noles, and joined by his son Doug, in 1978.

Our Custom Cabinets

Face frame cabinets, once the most popular type of cabinetry, has given way to the European style of “frameless” cabinetry. Noles Cabinets made the switch to European cabinetry in the late 1990’s. However, we still make both styles of cabinetry, depending on the wants of our customers!

With European cabinets the doors and drawers cover virtually the entire face of the cabinet box. This enables us to build the boxes out of very stable melamine. What this means to you is that your money is going for what you can see, the doors and drawer fronts. Not the labor and material intensive face frames that really serve no purpose other than structural stability. We add the structural members to the rear of the cabinets where it can’t be seen.

European cabinetry is just as beautiful as face frame, but requires substantially fewer employees and far less raw materials to manufacture. The benefit to you the builder or homeowner is that the cabinetry costs you less.


Why Noles Cabinets?

So, how do we stack up against “factory” cabinets or other cabinet companies? First and foremost is quality construction. We use only ¾” materials compared to the ½” or 5/8” materials found in factory units. Secondly, we can build any cabinet any width, height or depth. This eliminates the excessive use of filler materials since factory cabinets are built in increments of 3 inches. We offer greater flexibility in the design of your cabinetry. Thirdly, we build everything here. We do outsource some of our doors and drawer fronts, but they are built to our specifications and have incredible finishes.

Our Precision

Noles Cabinets uses the industries best computer based design software. This allows us to produce designs that meet all of our customer’s needs, and the flexibility to explore different design alternatives easily. When the design is complete, this software then provides all of the data that is required by our shop, as well as complete sets of drawings (elevation, plan view and 3 dimensional) to help you visualize exactly what your cabinetry will look like.

Out in the plant, we have the latest technology. Our new computerized equipment allows us to quickly and accurately build your cabinets and drawers, and mount the concealed hinges to your doors.

In a separate area in the shop, our talented cabinetmakers handle those “special” items that are requested. Attention to detail is the key.

When all is said and done, proper installation is critical. Again, attention to detail is vital. We have our own installers, they’ve been with us for years, and they do a great job.

And we don’t stop there.  We’ve have a great service reputation and can fix most anything.  If a door or drawer front gets damaged rest assured that you’ll be able to replace it to match your existing cabinetry.


Noles Cabinets can also handle all of your countertop requirements. We don’t build them ourselves, but we can have them fabricated by companies that we know and trust to do a great job. This provides a “turn-key” solution to you as a builder or homeowner.

We’re here to serve you anyway we can.

Thank you for considering Noles Cabinets.